My trip to Western Australia in December covered many miles of the country’s coastline from Hamelin Bay in the south to Exmouth in the north. It’s a vast area, taking in beaches, reefs, vineyards and the fabulous city of Perth. I’ve already written at length about it, but I’ve also condensed it into a minute-long video, complete with appearances from a kanga, a quokka and my extended family on bikes. Enjoy!

The primary reason I booked my flights to Australia in December with Cathay Pacific was that I had unfinished business in Hong Kong, the airline’s hub. I flew to Hong Kong when I travelled to Shenzhen and Shanghai last year for work, but the moment I landed I was scooped up by a people carrier and escorted across the border into mainland China. With my nose pressed against the window I watched as the towers… Read More

The year was 1996 and Wannabe was overtaking the Macarena as the school disco hit du jour. I had recently mastered long division and was obsessed with the film Flipper starring a young Elijah Wood. All I wanted to do in life was swim with dolphins, and sure, that film might be responsible for planting the idea in my eight-year-old head, but it’s something I’ve dreamed about ever since. Well, I have… Read More

England is many things — it is green, it is pleasant, it is disarmingly pretty in places and breathtakingly grand in others. One thing it is not, though, is exotic. This is a fact best supported by the obvious lack of venomous, virulent and predatory fauna we have to fear. But even if British wildlife is on the mellow side, there are still plenty of reasons to appreciate the creatures that make… Read More

Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet. — Aristotle I can still remember the feeling of being a child and opening the first door on my advent calendar, popping the chocolate in my mouth and sighing at the deeply frustrating test of my patience that lay ahead. With 23 doors to go it felt like Christmas would never come. But of course come it did, nice and predictably right on schedule,… Read More

Is there something fundamentally misguided about what we expect to get out of our holidays? Are we setting trips up to fail by promising ourselves the absolute best time, because it just has to be, because you need it and you’ve dreamed of it? These are things I have been thinking about recently, and I’ve come to the conclusion that for many people, myself included, the answer is frequently yes. The good… Read More

As the pale waters of the lagoon licked the sides of the speeding boat, it was easy to forget that only moments ago I was caught up in the pandemonium of St Mark’s Square. Squinting in the heat of the early afternoon sun, I searched out the right jetty through a rainbow of bobbing, bundled-up umbrellas, held aloft by patient tour guides. I passed underneath the Starwood-emblazoned arch and onto the boat,… Read More

The story of Paris in the years post 2010 should not be left to nostalgists to tell. For a start, Woody Allen has been there and done that with a bigger budget and a better soundtrack than anyone else could bring to the table. Besides, it would be doing the city a huge disservice to suggest its charms had not grown or evolved, but remained static across the years. I’m of the belief… Read More

Whenever I discover I’m going somewhere — anywhere — the first thing I do is work out where I’m going to eat. I read travel articles, guidebooks, local food blogs, listicles… pretty much anything that will point me in the direction of a city/town/country’s super foods. The weekend before last I was in Paris for my birthday and I ate and drank so much seriously good stuff, I thought I’d share it with… Read More

More often than not over the past few months I’ve ended up in premium economy when I’ve been flying long haul. Premium economy is the bit of the plane that you get to after you’ve passed through after business class (when your heart starts to sink), but before you get to economy (when you just want to burst into tears). Why oh why can’t they board us the other way around? I’ve only… Read More

Las Vegas was built on sand and decorated in neon. The casinos and hotels of the city have always been as bright and colourful as the clientele that visited them and it’s thanks in part to the city lights that shine so brightly they draw in and seduce visitors from all over the globe. As a technology, neon’s days are over — the Vegas of today is plastered with LEDs  — but many… Read More

I have had the craziest travel year and I’m yet to blog about basically any of it. The reason? I’ve been travelling for business, and being a writer who travels for business, any and all of my time has been spent writing, getting over jet lag and trying to see my friends, family and boyfriend. But now the time has come. A break in which I can breathe and blog and reflect… Read More

Here’s a cool thing that happened in Vegas. I went to a drinks party in a secret villa and found out that only the night before Brad and Angelina had been staying there. Obviously I double checked to see whether Brad and Ange had definitely been in Las Vegas, before I let myself get excited. They really had. Excitement ensued. Perez Hilton claimed to have “all the deets” of their trip, but… Read More

I’ve been travelling regularly as part of my job for a good year and a half now. Thanks to work, I’ve been all over Europe, as well as visiting Africa, the Middle East and North America. Today I head off on my first trip of the year to Las Vegas, and 2015 has barely begun! Travelling as part of my job is something I’ve always aspired to, and now that I do it… Read More

A couple of years ago I got into a disagreement with two travel writers on Twitter about Christmas markets. As shopping experiences they were terrible, they said — overpriced and overrated. I argued that if they saw Christmas markets as shopping trips they were totally missing the point. Christmas markets are about food, about ambience and about laughing and talking with friends. The mark of a decent Christmas market is that it… Read More